Excel vs Software

“Why do I need software? I have Excel.”

When it comes to recording business data of any kind, many small and medium-sized entrepreneurs rely on Excel. Scrap metal dealers and recyclers are no exception here either. Why would they be? Excel is easy, familiar in every respect, and inexpensive since it is already installed on most PCs. Tables are quickly and easily created without much effort – whether it is a matter of creating a list of all orders or of creating an overview of warehouse volumes.

What happens, however, if the company grows? More orders mean more data and this data has to be maintained. This takes time. A company at this point quickly reaches its limits with Excel. Manually maintained Excel lists are not only prone to error, but can also quickly result in an unmanageable jungle of data.

A piece of software which is tailored specifically to the day-to-day business in a scrap yard can remedy the situation and offer you a number of benefits:

  1. Always get an up-to-date overview
    Excel gives you the option of recording data – but this has to be done manually and requires a certain amount of time. With a piece of software for comprehensive mapping of all business processes, your data is automatically maintained and kept up-to-date in the day-to-day business.
  2. Be more efficient: How much time do you think you spend each week sitting in front of your PC maintaining tables and writing invoices? 1-2 hours a day? How about a solution with which you quickly and easily record orders, weigh items, update warehouse volumes and can create and send invoices with just a few extra clicks? This saves effective working time which you could use otherwise and, above all, more productively.
  3. Save costs: a piece of software with coordinated functions saves time and time is money. However, that is not the only reason why you can save money by using business software. A piece of software that covers all functions for your day-to-day business in the scrap metal trade also saves you the cost of additional weighing software and associated maintenance and update costs.
  4. Promote your growth: to make the right decisions and generate growth, control over business data and efficient workflows are key factors. A piece of software tailored to the day-to-day business of the scrap metal trade with coordinated functions increases your efficiency and always gives you an up-to-date overview of the most important data.

Undisputed: Excel is and remains a popular tool for recording more or less everything. However: Excel’s options are limited.

The question is not: Do I need a piece of software for my scrap metal trade? It is in fact: Do I need a tool with which I can quickly and easily create overviews? Then surely Excel is sufficient? If, however, I want a tool that assists me in making processes more efficient, saving time and generating growth, then a piece of software tailored to my industry is the better choice.